The various steps in the production of Molinari Sempione Ham

Molinari Sempione ham needs to pass through every stage of production successfully to ensure the unique flavour, colour, tenderness and distinctive aroma are preserved in the final product.

Molinari Sempione has particularly excelled in the production of its ham. Thanks to its colour, tenderness, flavour and especially its low fat content, it is regarded as one of the best hams in Switzerland. 

In Simplon Pass is cool and fresh. The gentle breezes ruffle the Alpine herbs and sweep through the forests of larch and pine trees in the region where Molinari Sempione's production site is based. This means that the Molinari Sempione products can mature in a tangy, dry air, ideal for the purpose.


A pig used for the production of Molinari Sempione products must meet certain requirements. It must come from a certified farm in Switzerland and belong to a certain breed and is not allowed to eat anything for 15 hours prior to slaughter.

The pigs are born and reared in Switzerland. The breeds used are the Large White and Duroc. They are fed on corn, barley and whey produced at farms in the surrounding region. 

One of the essential requirements for the production of Molinari Sempione ham is that the entire process takes place in a specific region, the south side of the Simplon Pass. The air of the surrounding 4,000 meter peaks on the south side of the Simplon Pass is cool and fresh.    

The maturing, The finishing process and Guaranteed Quality.

Least twelve months have passed. The ham is now tested for its maturity, flavour and quality. When the Molinari Sempione hams pass these tests, they are professionally cut and immediately portioned to retain their taste and quality.  


Molinari Sempione products are  natural food products. The only addition to the ham is salt. The other products also contain additional local herbs and spices. 

And we must not forget the cool, dry Alpine air together with the huge amount of patience and love that goes into making Molinari Sempione products, resulting in something that is quite unique and has a truly distinctive flavour.

Products from Molinari Sempione are their salami, coppa and the Italian-style bacon, pancetta.