Valais craftsmanship at its finest

The origins of dried meat in Valais date back to the 14th century.

Its increasing popularity has led to the professionalisation of this very traditional craft over the past few decades.  

So that anyone interested can experience for themselves how the method of preserving meat works at the highest level, this workshop gives everyone an insight into this time-honoured Valais tradition of preserving "salting and air-drying meat". At the workshop in the "Clemenz" house on the village square in Simplon Dorf, where the Molinari meat drying plant and Ristorante Molinari are located, you will learn about this age-old Valais craft
under the expert guidance of master butcher Fabian Molinari.

Molinari Sempione specialities Molinari Sempione stands for high-quality meat products with a local touch and exclusivity, produced with love and passion. Air-drying meat is one of the oldest methods of preservation, especially in Valais. 

The process of spoilage is greatly slowed down by the removal of moisture. The meat is salted according to special recipes. The recipe consists of salt, pepper and other spices. The exact composition remains a well-kept secret. Molinari Sempione dry-cured meat is a natural speciality and is produced according to ancient tradition. It is the symbiosis of flavours and aromas that make Molinari Sempione dried fish so unique.

Price of the  Workshop air-dried meat:

—> CHF 80.–1kg self-salted meat 1st quality, air-drying and home delivery (Switzerland)
—>   Traditional 3-course menu: CHF 58.–


Fabian Molinari

+41 (0)79 791 37 67